Queen’s Gauntlet, or “No I’ll try just once more, it might go well” to infinity

Hello all!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the latest patch as much as I have! I’ve been loving the Queen’s Gauntlet and the Crown Pavilion patch so far, and I thought I’d talk about a few of my favorite aspects. It’s amazing how Anet did an excellent job of creating hard-but-not-impossible challenges that suck you in and make you play even more obsessively than before.

I’ll start off with a general description of the Gauntlet and what I liked, and then focus more on Liadri and how I beat her.


   Although at first I was positive that I’d hate the Gauntlet and there were too many bosses and boo-hoo it’d be hard, I ended up loving it. I loved that it’s a 1v1 challenge, so you can’t get away with having pro partymates and that not each build or profession is as strong against some bosses as others, as that really appealed to my approach to GW2.

  I was pretty self-conscious at first, especially when I was stuck on earlier bosses and other people were working on Liadri, but whatevs. My least favorite part of the Gauntlet was dying and having to waypoint or wait for someone to res you 😦  I do like how Anet set the Gauntlet up though, as I was able to find good groups every so often that would cheer for everyone, give advice, and generally be friendly (and res). I think it’s not-as convenient, but more community/friendliness oriented. It was fun 🙂

  It took me seemingly forever to finish beating each champ, and I got stuck on Salazan (the fire-kiting one), Strugar and Chomper (the meaty murderers), and of course, Liadri. Most of the first couple of tiers I beat easily on my mesmer, who’s my go-to for 1v1 engages. I ended up having to try my entire collection of characters on Tier 3.

  Tier 2’s Salazan was the first challenge, and it took me 20+ tries on my engineer to finally beat him. I think it was because I’m really bad at kiting/strafing and learning to keep moving was hard for me. The blobs were tricky for me, and I still haven’t gotten the Blobs Shmobs achievement for it, but my warrior prevailed eventually 🙂  Deadeye was fairly easy on my thief, as shadow-stepping made it easier to avoid the mines. I tried Strugar and Chomper on my mes, ele, thief, and engineer before trying it on my guardian and getting it on the first try, lucky me 🙂

  Liadri was… both a pain in the ass and so. Much. Fun.  As someone who’s terrible at kiting, you must imagine how even if I did get to phase 2, I died super quickly. It took me 3 days on my mesmer of just doing Liadri and Crown Pavilion events to get tickets before I even got close.

Things I wish I’d known before doing Liadri

  • Most unusual one (for me) first: not each arena is exactly the same!  If you’ve attempted Liadri in at least two, you might notice that sometimes the white pools are super close to the arena walls. Find an arena you like, and practice with it each time.
  • With the exception of the chaos orb blobs, everything about Liadri will be pretty constant, as in the clones and white pools will spawn in the same place, so practicing and getting your phase 1 to it’s most safe/efficient is good. It will help to do the same thing each time.
  • It was usually a good idea to kill the blobs when they spawned, so they couldn’t get me killed.
  • The clones can be dodged/evaded and blinded so that they don’t explode on you.
  • The chaos orb blobs are helpful for rallying.

I only tried Liadri on my mesmer and my engineer, and quickly decided that mesmer would be easiest. I love that Mesmer MH sword #2 is a build-in evade, so I don’t have to use all my endurance. It was also useful for clearing clones. I also equipped Feedback so I wouldn’t take so much damage early on from her autos and Null Field to cleanse conditions in phase 2.

Weapons-wise, I tried sword-pistol and sword-focus, which went okay. I wanted the focus #5 phantasm to deal damage to her when she began her whirling attack, as well as always having access to sword #2 in case I couldn’t dodge. I eventually equipped sword-focus and greatsword. It took me seemingly forever to finally beat her, but the one successful fight we had was a huge rush 😀


Me and Liadri chillin’

Boss Events and Getting Tickets 

  I ended up farming a lot of the boss events just to get more Gauntlet Entrance Tickets. I would go try Liadri a couple times, then go do two bosses, rinse repeat. I’m still doing the events because I haven’t figured out what else I want to work towards :/ (See my next post on what I’ve been up to.)

   Kuraii was the most annoying boss ever, although since the masses of ppl have realizing that stacking makes him easier, I don’t die as much. Wiggin’s aoe and whirly attacks can likewise suck, but they seem to be an okay source of chests, loot, and tickets. Boom-Boom can be fun unless you find yourself alone with the vets :/


Die, Boom-Boom, die!


  Overall, how do you like the Gauntlet?  Were Salazan and Liadri easy for you?  What champs and achievements do you have left to work on?

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